29 Dec 2021

Incorporating values: sincerity, verbal affirmation love language, God, relationships, journalling, thrifting, nostalgia/wishing to go back to my childhood :((

Theme: Childhood

Dress like it’s the mid-2000’s: go thrifting, raid parents’ closets. Dress with y2k vibes

Butterfly motifs (I was reminded of my love for butterflies when I was looking for jetpens stuff to buy during Black Friday and found this roll https://www.jetpens.com/Bande-Washi-Tape-Sticker-Roll-Butterfly/pd/32047)


Lunch/arvo tea party https://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/galleries/20-favourite-party-foods-time/2wvwocqw

Childhood party treats/my favourite snacks (lowkey like Emily’s party is going to be):

Savouries: cheerios with tomato sauce (guilty pleasure), sausage sizzle with caramelised onion, party pies but like nice ones, chicken nuggies, shoestring fries, supreme cheese Doritos, small sandwiches, potato salad,

Sweets: (no cake :0 controversial) fairy bread, homemade icing on milk arrowroot cookies, milk, honey joys, chocolate crackles, butterfly cupcakes might just replace cake? like I’ll light a little butterfly cupcake for my birthday, marshmallows, fruit platter with strawberries, banana, mango, blueberries, grapes, OH MY GOODNESS CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN?? Reminds me of going to the Hilton HAHA

Drinks: lemon lime and bitters jug Encourage BYO cutlery. Bring a drink bottle/reusable cup for your drink, a fork, and a Tupperware container with a lid so you can use the container for food but can take home your dishes to clean without mess!

Activities “Junk” journalling (basically scrapbooking): everyone creates a page that represents my friendship with them (I would love them to do it individually but if they would like then they can do it together).

Bring something that represents our relatonship (can be stickers, what the person thinks of me aesthetically, pictures of us, tickets or paper mementos) and journalling/craft supplies (pens, markers, paint, (glitter) glue)

Write about a nice or funny memory between us, an inside joke, your first impression of me.

Write me a nice message. I would love it most if you were sincere with your words. I really enjoy it when people are sincere with their words and feelings, so if you are willing to open up and tell me how you feel about me, please do! Verbal affirmation is one of my receiving love languages so it means a lot to me when people give me positive feedback or say nice things about me. I don’t want to be self-centred about it, but it’s just true 🥺

No one will read this journal apart from me, fyi. I’ll collect the pages at the end of the night. You can do as many pages as you would like to