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I used to not see the big deal about art. But art is nice.

Pretty thing that make me go “ooo”

My pinterest board on art at pinterest.com.au.

bookmark by ali beaudette

Link: Working as of 2022-06-21, archived 2022-01-24

Three shelves featuring a collection of items left inside books: images, notes, letters, tickets, etc.

Picture of collection: bookmark by ali beaudette

Candace Hicks art

Link: Working as of 2022-07-02

Notes for String Theory

Link: Working as of 2022-07-02, archived 2022-07-02

A piece of fabric or some sort of canvas, with embroidery made to look like a notebook's lines have warped form a wormhole shape.
A piece of fabric or some sort of canvas, with embroidery made to look like a notebook's lines have been disturbed by waves of sound. A radial pattern of small, wavy lines in the centre.
A piece of fabric or some sort of canvas, with embroidery made to look like someone has dragged their finger through the notebook to warp its lines.


Link: Working as of 2022-07-02, archived 2022-03-19

The cover of a notebook made of fabric, covered in embroidered ants.
A notebook made of fabric, open to a page with a regular notebook entry across the spread, made with embroidery. Apologies, have not typed up the text for this alt text.


Bat art. Purchased as part of Project 4 Awesome 2022. My first perk. Created by Taylor Behnke, and powered by Gatorade. It’s a lino print with a diagonal peach to deep lavender gradient and happy little bats. It’s so cute look at the little baby bats AGH.

A small group of cute bats flying in front of a moon.

Bat Art by Taylor Behnke

This has a close connection to the beginning of my journey into [[Linguistics]]. At the start of this year (2022), I watched Crash Course Linguistics, hosted by Taylor Behnke, to get a taste of linguistics before my uni semester started. This year, I took my first linguistics course at uni, which I just barely missed the intake for last year. When the 2022 P4A rolled around, I tuned in, and it just so happened that Taylor Behnke was hosting a few hours of the stream. The event also closely coincided with me starting my linguistics course. So, what better way to spend my money than to support a charity event that excites me than buying a piece of art which also commemorates a turning point in my linguistics journey?

Fruit stickers

Lots of brightly-coloured fruit stickers scattered on a white background.

Collection of fruit stickers by Kelly Angood, via Bon Appetit.

I can’t remember why it came up, but I remembered that fruit labels are cool. Here are links, roughly in order of discovery:

  • Bon Appetit article, Fruit Stickers Are Better Art Than Anything Andy Warhol Ever Did at bonappetit.com
  • @fruit_stickers Instagram page at instagram.com (subject of the BA article)
  • The delightful history of fruit stickers, the world’s tiniest canvases for graphic design at fastcompany.com, on a 2022 exhibition titled Frutas de Diseño (Design Fruits) by Spanish design studio El Vivero.
  • I’d like to show you my fruit sticker collection. at v2.desandro.com
  • Blog post, Roxane Loves Fruit Stickers at alphabettes.org
  • Laurence Collection of Fruit stickers at mestrucsamoi.fr, en français or in English for boring people. This collection is absolutely bonkers and I love it. I wish @fruit_stickers had a catalogue this robust.

Creating art

How to find your art style FAST in 3 easy steps (yeah, really) by Kelsey Rodriguez

  1. Collecting inspiration
  2. Creating connections - Identify
  3. Making a plan - Curriculum-ify

Collecting art