generates a random activity to do based on the category selected.

mostly from video by Jasmine from studyquill


scrolling mindfully

  • use a time limit
  • look at particular sites/accounts that you enjoy looking at or make you feel good
  • scroll whilst standing
  • declutter following list
  • leave thoughtful comments instead of likes and such
  • block or click not interested on anything you don’t like
  • turn off endless scroll
  • check your screentime actively
  • turn off notifications

alternative scrolling

  • NASA astronomy
  • Pinterest
  • Wikipedia rabbit hole




  • watch a documentary
  • language-learning (use an app)
  • join an online course
  • read a book (at the library)
  • or use an ereader or ebook library app
  • read a magazine
  • wikipedia rabbit hole
  • watch a youtube video for a new practical skill
  • learn a new recipe


  • virtual museum tour (Museum of the World)
  • sustainable online thrifting
  • go to a local restaurant
  • explore the world on google street view
  • research and plan a dream trip for the future
  • try something new at a regular restaurant you go to
  • research your home city as if you were a tourist
  • go to some of the places found on that research
  • walk around the neighbourhood


  • stretch
  • swim
  • run/jog
  • learn a (tiktok) dance
  • plank for a minute (or how long you can)
  • do a yoga video
  • follow some workout video
  • ride a bike
  • hike
  • do a handstand


  • talk to an old friend
  • talk to a new friend
  • leave thoughtful comment to a friend on social media
  • leave a thoughtful reply to a story to start a conversation
  • reach out to someone new and say hi
  • talk to a family member
  • facetime someone
  • play a group game with friends
  • compliment a stranger (online/IRL)
  • wish someone a happy birthday


  • colour-code your google calendar
  • try notion for digital planning/organising
  • sort everything in your backpack
  • declutter some part of your room
  • declutter digital space
  • clean out photo library
  • start a bullet journal
  • delete apps you don’t use
  • deep clean your room
  • clean out email inbox


  • 10 things you want in your future
  • vision board
  • document what you did today
  • current thoughts and feelings
  • regrets.
  • affirmations
  • goals for next month, year, 5 years…
  • what does happiness mean to you
  • letter to your future self
  • letter to your past self


  • frisbee
  • spikeball
  • card games (bull)
  • board games
  • skribblio
  • instrument
  • practise singing
  • crossword
  • puzzles
  • colouring books
  • watch some videos consciously