There are many ways people die, and many ways that death is made public within the confines of the law, depending on where you are in time and space. While Jesus was around, crucifixion, aside from being up there as one of the most painful forms of execution and death, was a public scene of shame and humiliation for whoever was hung upon a cross. There was a strong cultural and social element to it. It clicked a bit more for me. I now understand a bit more what it means when we say or sing about Jesus being mocked and scorned.1


There is also a shame and humiliation we share when we takeup our own cross. People following Jesus look like fools too. We’re choosing this life of suffering for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But, there is a reason why we do it, and it’s because Jesus did it first, for us.

  1. Friday Youth talk on 27/05/2022, part of the series “The Scandal of the Gospel”, lesson title “What does the death of Jesus mean for the world?”. ↩︎