Youth Talk by Snr Pastor 2021-10-22

When? Past 18 and when your parents say you can

What? Exclusive, between friendship and engagement. To be done WITH OTHERS, not alone

Purpose: not just a fun experience, but to find a life partner. Is this “the one”?

Dating is an incubator where love can develop.

But also there are DANGERS! Eg. When they ignore their other friends when they get together

Phase 1: Goosebumps Phase 2: Weaknesses and doubt Phase 3: Break-up You need your FRIENDS through this

  1. Opposite sex
  2. Available
  3. Believer in Christ!!!

The non-Christian pulls the Christian down.

1 Cor 10:12 You too may fall into sin.

  1. Parents/mentor approve/close friends agree

    (If your parents say no LISTEN).

  2. Go out in groups, then couples, then chaperones, then by yourselves with a plan!

  3. Be prepared to report back or be accountable.

If a guy asks you out and you agree, ask him where, when, who, what. If you dislike any answers, don’t go! And protect yourself. And give that plan to your parents

Christ-Centred Relationships

Friendship, Dating & Marriage

I. Introduction

II. Friendship

III. Dating

IV. Marriage