A digital garden is a place for thoughts, knowledge and ideas to grow.

Reminds me of a second brain, PKM (personal knowledge management system), life wiki, Zettelkasten, all those bigs words. But there is something distinctly cute uwu about the notion of a digital garden.

The main reference for what a digital garden is comes from Maggie Appleton. I will not follow the original ethos to the T, but it’s a very nice read nonetheless.

For me, the main pull towards maintaining a digital garden is that it’s not as intensive as a blog. As outlined in Maggie’s writing, a blog requires you to do all of this background research before eventually deciding to release a perfectly manicured opinion to the internet, exerting your intellectual authority onto all who pass through your site. A digital garden acknowledges that learning is ongoing, and that we will never know everything, or anything, in its entirety.

Some inspiration

Zettels theme

A website with a nice “all articles” page (the ability to multi-select tags at the top, like Maggie Appleton’s website)

Useful articles to look at later

Nice examples: