I just want to be able to refer to graphic design resources quickly. A lot from Kel Lauren??

Making stuff

  • Canva tbh who hasn’t used Canva at this point??

Stock stuff


OH BOYYY I can display my fave fonts here and their respective merits okay, I’ll put these in some other time. I always use the word fonts where I should be saying typefaces, so I will use “typeface” as much as I can from here on out.


  • Gelasio by Eben Sorkin is the current font for this website.
    • Compatible with Vietnamese, because I would like to learn Vietnamese
    • It was previously Lora, but I wanted to change it to something that was a bit less round and with slightly narrower glyphs? characters? idk terms
  • Avara using for title headers on this website
  • Xanh Mono bc it’s made for vietnamese and I think it looks really nice. Only downfall is that its readability is pretty Bad.

Pretty typefaces <3

Typefaces with a story in my life

  • Britannic Bold (in primary school, I said this was my fave font LOL but that’s not the case now)
  • Lora (used for my old studyblr HAHA)
  • Comic Sans (used to write a series of scathing anonymous notes during high school that I was accused of writing. Maybe I will write about that one day, that wasn’t the best time)

Other typefaces with a story

  • Occlusion Grotesque, a typeface being made by a tree.
  • 22/22, a collection of 22 fonts being released once at a time for free throughout end of 2022, or donate and receive all fonts released at time of donation.

Where to get fonts (for free)

  • Velvetyne has sooooooo many nice ones I would use so many of them!!!
  • Open Foundry, fonts I have not used but it’s also a good place
  • Google Fonts is gr8 lol super basic but they work great and have a lot of compatibility!! Google owns everything in the world except for the stuff Mark Zuckerberg owns!!!! HAha