A course by Moore Theological College, but I’m going through a version with my mentor.

Study 1: The Book of Books

Before you begin… Favourite book of the Bible? I really like James because it feels like a slap in the face every time I read it. It’s just, so much good instruction about living life for Christ.

1. What is the Bible?

  • library of books
    • 39 OT
    • 27 NT
  • time: 1600 years
    • from Moses (15th Century BC)
    • to 1st Century
  • common themes
  • unity

2. What is the Bible’s message?

  • reverse effects of human sin and establish new creation
  • ‘Kingdom of God’
  • salvation fulfilled in Christ


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3. What are the main divisions in the Bible?

3.1 The Old Testament

English Bible arrangement
  • follows arrangement from Septuagint
    • Greek trans. of OT
      • trans. Hebrew -> Greek began 3rd Century BC
Genesis to EstherJob to Song of SolomonIsaiah to Malachi
Hebrew Bible arrangement

3.2 The New Testament

4. What does the Bible claim about itself?

Research Read Jeremiah 1:1-12.

\1. Why did God call Jeremiah to be a prophet? To: pluck up and break down, destroy and overthrow, and to build and plant the nations and kingdoms.

\2. Why was Jeremiah able to speak with authority? Because God delivered His words to him. God commanded him.

\3. How did Jeremiah know that his words would come true? God told him that He would be with him and deliver him.