Goals and motivations (general language learning)

I don’t know where these question prompts were from but I think they were from How to LEARN A LANGUAGE on your own | study tips 📚 by The Bliss Bean.

  • Why do I want to learn Vietnamese?
    • To be able to converse with my family in Vietnamese and just to know what should be my mother tongue.
  • What will you do when you’re able to speak Vietnamese comfortably?
    • Converse with my family in Vietnamese, shop at Inala comfortably, tell Vietnamese people about Jesus.
  • After doing so, how will it make you feell?
    • Awesome, connected, accomplished.
  • What is one thing you can start doing right now?
    • Watch Vietnamese shows to learn pronunciation.
  • How many hours can you put aside every day to learn Vietnamese?
    • ???
  • What are 3-5 things that you can do consistently every day without fail to achieve your goal?
    • 30min AI
    • Anki
    • Revise alphabet/pronunciation

The following question prompts were from how to make the best language learning plan | notion templates | AD by anna lenks.

  • What languages do you want to learn?
    • Vietnamese
    • Auslan
    • French
    • Cantonese?
    • Mandarin?
    • Korean
    • Japanese
  • What languages are your priority right now?
    • Vietnamese
    • Auslan
  • How much time are you ready to dedicate to language learning?
    • Let’s say 20min/day.