I like music!

Making music

Guitar (acoustic)

Replacing guitar stringz

Last changed strings of black dragon on 2021-07-01 (really? they’re definitely due for a change lol)

I always reference this video: How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar Properly by FixTheThings at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmzNnzu1zLI

Guitar scales https://onlineguitarbooks.com/guitar-scales/

Guitar all-in-one for dummies http://160592857366.free.fr/joe/guitar%20tabs/184%20Full%20Album%20Guitar%20Tab%20Books%20.pdf/Guitar%20All-in-One%20for%20Dummies.pdf

Instruments I’ve played and thus have skills in

  • Voice (always)

    Okay I know this kind of doesn’t count but I am primarily a singer so

  • Acoustic guitar (2016? - Present)

  • Bassoon (2015 - 2019)

  • Clarinet (2013 - 2017??)

  • Piano (2007? - 2016 but with a break in the middle idk)

  • Recorder lol

  • Ukulele sort of

Pieces I’ve played or sung

Like there’s probably a lot I’ve forgotten but these are pieces I remember

Primary school

I don’t remember THAT much of what I played in primary school. It was a while ago and I didn’t actually write down any of this stuff when I was younger

  • Caterpillar of Society

  • Edelweiss

  • So Long, Farewell

  • Dare to Dream?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

    We played this as a finale during our final ever concert and the trumpets stuffed up the intro like three times in a row, as in, so badly we needed to restart the piece three times. Quality content.

  • How to Train Your Dragon Theme

  • Poker Face by Lady Gaga???

  • The Tempest

High school



national anthem slava! masada bohemian rhapsody shakespeare pictures: I. much ado about nothing the uh the graduation one?? for the big band comp below?? vesuvius sea songs that i may love infinite hope


colours by roger cichy tequila? ride by samuel hazo shephers hey by percy grainger silence overwhelmed by brian balmages symphony no. 1 mov. 1 gandalf by johan de meij

bands between 2015-2017

the planets: 4. jupiter by gustav holst get smart theme??

bella voci


sweeney todd ease on down the road lux aurumque


song of purple summer from spring awakening beau soir by claude debussy ain’t misbehaving esti dal (estimate dal) glorious one voice child’s choir vers


run to you by pentatonix na na na by pentatonix god only knows the hymn of acxiom by vienna tang the shower by edward elgar based on henry vaughan’s poem gold arr by martin lowe

snr girls


in the still of the night?? this feels like it was an SATB piece tho so I’m suddenly questioning my memory orestias you gotta be tres cantos


take me home somewhere only we know said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody a million dreams?? one fine day ngarra burra ferra in paradisum


fanfare pieces say a little prayer thu le le mama ya (idk how to spell) a third one I can’t remember

other choir stuff like the big collaborative events

o fortuna reqiuem handel’s messiah sway with me by michael buble??? LOL

others from 2019

HYMN OF ACXIOM as a group of year 11’s and 12’s, the peak of my singing career in all honesty

(that whimsical one that the other band also performed?? idk what this is referring to now but I wrote this note in 2019 so who knows)



linden lea dvorak (symphony no. 9 from the new world I. adagio??) rose little suite dance gershwin danse bacchanale grad song


on top of the world by mr brian balmages making me dread orchestra aaaaa rhapsody in blue peer gynt crown imperial intermezzo