General Tips1

  • Learn the IPA ASAP
  • Associate a keyword with IPAs that are harder
  • Remember the internal logic of common IPA charts (looks like a head turned left)
    • Use a blank IPA chart
  • Common transcription errors in vowels and stress
    • Finding stress: say word in sing-song like someone’s name, and syllable with highest pitch is primary stress

IPA Chart


Clickable IPA Charts

Interactive Sagittal Section


1. Speech Organs

2. Consonants I

3. Consonants II

4. Environments & prosody

5. Vowels I, Phonemes I

6. Phonemes II, Vowels II

7. Sound change

8. World English & Aust. Languages

9. Acquisition

10. Phonology I & II

11. Phonology III & IV

12. Phonology V & VI