I am not a morning person

Every inch of my being longs to stay up until the quiet hours of the AM. There is something so serene about the world past midnight. Living in a quiet residential area, the early hours of the morning are a quiet bliss backed by crickets and only interrupted by distant train noises or the occasional backstreet hoon race.

So, if I can so easily wax poetic about the nights, why do I read my Bible in the mornings?

It focuses my mind on God for the entire day

Even if for a short time in the morning, it means I have spent at least a portion of my day on God.

Giving God the first part of my day, almost every day, helps remind me that my time is not my own.

I am good at forgetting to do things (such as read the Bible)

In Romans, Paul talks about ???

If I don’t do it first thing, the odds

I am good at forgetting words

I will probably not really remember what I read the night before. I can barely remember what I ate for dinner the night before. Why would I remember a whole Bible study lol.

It slows me down

It reminds me that my time belongs to God

Related to the previous point.

It means I can give my best to God