Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have become unnecessarily good at doing schoolwork when my brain has departed from our sphere of existence, I have fallen two weeks behind on my uni work, and after having spent those two weeks on the verge of crying about 60% of my waking hours. I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but my point is, I have been knocked down many a time and have gotten good at getting back up.

These are practical tips I have compiled for myself (either from life experience, my counsellor, or God) about making some delectable lemonade after life has dumped upon thee a truckload of lemons.

Don’t force it

If you are feeling bleh, trying to force yourself to do work at 100% of your regular capacity may be one of the worst things to do. A few things happen when this occurs.

  1. If you can see that you aren’t working “as well as you normally do” and you haven’t recognised that you are going through a hard time and probably can’t work as effectively as usual, you will be discouraged. You may feel other emotions like shame that you lack the ability to be a total workhorse every day of your life, and you may be annoyed that you can’t just do the stuff you know you need to do. Realistically, you need time to bounce back emotionally or mentally from whatever hardship you’re facing.
  2. Trying to do work will probably cause more mental strain than just taking the break that you need, making the sort of “recovery period” (i.e., recovering from whatever setback came up) longer and less effective.

Rest, lay burdens on Jesus, and other things like this

GOD TELLS US TO REST. so, do it. I don’t mean to be aggressive it’s just that like we can rest sometimes, especially when we’re like aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh life is :// not gr8

Jesus says his yoke is easy and his burden is light (Matthew, somewhere). We Can lay our burdens on him, we just need to like actually do it (I am not good at this but like Jesus is totally there for it!)