Stuff I actually sort of need

  • Lightbulb for my lamp
  • iPhone XR things
    • Dongle for headphones ;-;
    • iPhone XR case
  • INLAGG Kallax desk fixture

Stuff that would be nice I guess

Truly a wishlist

Non-specific things



  • 2000s stuff (like Hi-5, Wiggles, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, winx, bratz, HSM, Disney Channel merch etc.)
  • camera stuff/storage (SD cards, batteries, actual cams, USBs, hard drives, film)


  • maxi skirts
  • pants (in particular, nice high-waisted ones)
  • longer shorts (gone are the days of short shorts)
  • blouses (like short sleeve 2000’s business woman vibes sort of, also parisian fashion vibes)
  • a scarf if it’s beautiful


  • first edition tatbilb
  • grandma couch pattern stuff
  • milk glass
  • amber
  • pyrex
  • coasters