I am a Christian. I study mathematics and statistics, and have an interest in linguistics. I also work as a tutor, primarily in maths for high-school students.

Origins of the name Michaela

n. who is like God

Feminine form of Michael (from Hebrew).

A girl from my Youth group wrote this out on a card for me in nice hand-lettering and gave it to me when I got baptised in March of 2021. I honestly hadn’t thought about the meaning of my name until then, though I knew that I had been named Michaela based on the biblical angel Michael.

I am definitely not like God. But I do grapple with identity sometimes.

How much of my identity comes from the right things? My identity as a child of God and follower of Jesus might be at the centre of my identity, but how much are my interests, struggles, ideas, appearance, a part of who I am? I would not be who I am without those things, and in a sense they define me, but can I ultimately ascribe my identity as a person to them? I’m not sure I know the answers to any of these questions.

Here is a list of things that I am.

  • Christian
  • tutor
  • Youth group leader
  • musician
  • member of my church’s worship team
  • crocheter
  • reader
  • writer??
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Australian
  • French-speaker (only a bit now, it’s kinda rusty)
  • linguist?